Untitled (Stacks)

Southern Methodist University’s Hamon Arts Library
6100 Hillcrest Avenue
Dallas, TX 75275

September 6 – December 20, 2019

Curated by Olivia Smith

As an addendum to the site-specific installation in Southern Methodist University’s Hawn Gallery, two sets of recently decommissioned library shelves sourced from the SMU’s Hamon Arts Library are re-presented within the library itself. These steel shelves have been removed from their armatures, turned side-ways, and hung flush on the wall, echoing Minimalist (and traditionally-masculine) installations of stacked steel sculptures.

However, upon closer inspection, these former library stacks, emptied of the books they once held, display markings left by the movement of the volumes’ colorful waxed library binding—found drawings revealed only through the books’ removal. These abstract drawings were created by librarians (a traditionally-feminine role) as the books were pulled, shuffled, and re-shelved over the course of 40-years.